Sickness, Writing, and Gratitudes

It’s really, really hard to be productive when you’re sick.

That’s likely a no-brainer of a statement, but I’m saying it anyway. I’ve had a stupid cold for a week, now, and it’s gone from “just a head cold” to “it’s trying to slip down into my chest, fml”. As an asthmatic, a chest cold could lead to 6-8 weeks with bronchitis. I’m already not sleeping much, so please, please, please… let’s hope it doesn’t go there.

So although I coughed up a lung all night long last night, not only am I at work, but I have to put in another hour or so (of extra time) to make up for a day I had to flex off. Normally, this isn’t a problem, but when running on 4.5 hours sleep, it’s maybe a bit more of an issue than normal. Ugh.  But hey, I’m here, and I’ve been mostly productive, even if I’ve had to pull teeth to do so. I’m taking a small/short break to get a little snack into me, then diving back into things.

In the meantime, I thought I’d mention that I started a new journal. It’s called a bullet journal and so far, I’m sticking with it. One week in and I’ve not missed a day. I’ve started tracking things like joint pain, headaches, moods, sleep, caffeine, etc. I’m also writing daily gratitudes in it. One for every day of the month. January is my trial, to see how sustainable this is for me, and also how practical. So far, so good. Doesn’t take long to do once you get it set up. I spent a couple of hours setting up the pages for the month of January, planning things out, etc. Now, I spend maybe 5-15 minutes a day jotting things down in it. I do like it.

I mentioned it to my doc recently and he seemed impressed that I was going to go to these lengths to see if I could find patterns or trends in my physical and mental health. And really, it may not be as pretty as the ones shown on that link above, but it’s for me and no one else, so who cares? And really, I have very quickly established that I have spent the entirety of 2017 (so far) really, really tired, for a variety of reasons. Haha.

I’ve always loved journalling, and at some point moved away from paper journals to digital. It’s nice to get back to pen and paper; it’s something I think that I’ve missed. Maybe these gratitudes, too, will help me figure out if there’s a pervasive thread to act upon (like, I’m always spending my time being grateful to a particular individual or group of individuals… maybe I should buy some thank you cards?).

So, some things I am grateful for today:

  • A sweet colleague for randomly checking on me to see how I was and how my holidays were.
  • My husband for being willing to drive us into my work today; and for him being willing to leave the car and take a bus further to go to his work.
  • My office-mates for giving me my space today. It really helped me focus on my work when I wasn’t feeling very focused.

What are you grateful for today?


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