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Breaking the Surface…

I’ve been mostly quiet for a while, and for good reason. I won’t lie: I’ve been struggling. Mentally, emotionally, physically… the last year has been harsh on me. Nothing horrible has happened in my life during that time. My brain has just been completely out of whack.

So, I had dropped a buttload of weight — to the tune of about 85 lbs by May of last year. Friday, it’s more like 55 lbs, if that. So I’ve gained 30 lbs since last May.

What happened?

Simply, I became overwhelmed. Continue reading Breaking the Surface…


My brain hasn’t caught up to my body yet.

I’m down 85 lbs (as of this past Monday).

I’m thrilled. Ecstatic. Beside myself. Blown away. I still have a long journey ahead of me, but damn, look at how far I’ve come so far. I’m proud of myself. I’ve done very well, even if it’s taken 5-6 years to remove that weight. Hell, it took a couple decades to put it on; it will take time to come off. I get that and I’m good with that.

So, what’s the problem? Continue reading My brain hasn’t caught up to my body yet.

Low-carb meals: leave the potatoes behind

I’m finding that I occasionally miss potatoes now, but when I am missing them, I try something like mashed cauliflower, or roasted sweet potato. Recently, I found that Walmart (Canada) has been selling a line of frozen Green Giant products that I didn’t know existed. These products include riced cauliflower (I have three bags in my freezer right now that I have to figure out what I’m going to do with), and tater tot-like creatures called Veggie Tots.

I bought the cauliflower ones, and the broccoli and cheese ones. Can I just say that these things are amazeballs? (Caveat: there’s wheat in the content.) Continue reading Low-carb meals: leave the potatoes behind

Finding bread substitutes: part 3 – crackers

Hello again. So I’m on a roll with going through various recipes and such. I can’t guarantee I will always write about food or exercise or physical health. Sometimes I might write about other things. But for now, this is what you get.

To recap, I’m on a quest to cut wheat out of my diet, because I believe it is a problem food for me for a variety of reasons. So far, I’ve made almond-flour English muffins (semi-okay), and almond-flour bagels (rockin’!). Another thing I made was an almond-flour cracker.

Again, I’m not a baker, but the recipe I found at for 3-ingredient paleo crackers seemed easy enough. Continue reading Finding bread substitutes: part 3 – crackers

Finding bread substitutes: part 2 – bagels

The picture you see on this post is one of a food that I have a hard time fathoming having to give up: bagels. I do love bagels. I love them toasted with peanut butter, or Imperial cheese spread, or whipped garlic & herb cream cheese, or even just a bit of butter, and even use them for sandwiches… oh gods, I love bagels.

Now, what would you say if I told you that I, the non-baker, actually made these?

And how about if I told you there wasn’t a speck of wheat in them? Okay, mine don’t classify as gluten-free because the baking powder I have is just the regular stuff, but whatever.

If you’re interested, aim your favourite browser to’s recipe for Low Carb Bagels with Almond Flour. I’m serious. You won’t be disappointed. Continue reading Finding bread substitutes: part 2 – bagels

Finding bread substitutes – part 1: English muffins

So, hi again. Posting about my adventures in LCHF (low-carb high-fat) meal planning. Sure, my carb counts aren’t as low as they should be, but they’re getting lower and the carb quality is better than it was. Instead of white bread and pasta and white potatoes, I’m avoiding wheat and eating more veggies and fruit.

Unfortunately, my body craves bread-stuffs like there is no tomorrow. So I started scouring Pinterest for options because I love things like breakfast sandwiches…unfortunately, they tend to be on English muffins which are made of wheat.

I found a recipe for almond-flour (and therefore low-carb) English muffins that you make in the microwave and then toast. Crazy, right? There are all kinds of them on Pinterest. Just type in something like “2-minute low-carb english muffin” and you’ll find a bunch of recipes. I think some even do it with coconut flour, too, if you can’t have almonds. Continue reading Finding bread substitutes – part 1: English muffins